No doubt you've already seen this on 500 other blogs today. There's very little I can say that wasn't already said about the painfully self-aware and awkwardly clashing cultural elements at play here - not to mention Snooki's compulsive need to reassure herself, her subjects and the audience of her claim to fame and why we apparently need her around for the duration of her extended 15 minutes.

All I really want to call attention to is the fact that, when asked what kind of music they play, why – like most every other garden v variety indie rock band – Grammy-award winning Phoenix can't just admit they're a regular-ass indie rock band. I can't help but peeve at the sight of them looking at each other bewildered as if they've never even considered categorizing this wild and crazy new sound they've concocted.

We've barely cut the umbilical cord on the 2010's, but already the hot topic is how our last decade nailed the coffin shut on what we previously called "indie rock". Fingers have been pointed and theories pontificated, but I can't help but feel that part of the problem is this: successful musicians who are just as deluded as the amateur outfits who aspire to be them can't seem to admit there's nothing new under the sun and consistently delude themselves into thinking that regardless of how derivative the music they're making is, they still somehow defy categorization.

Case in point: we can't fix the product until the manufacturers acknowledge it's broken, eh?